Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring # Primark Strappy Toe Chunky Heels

I said I was having a chunky shoe moment! Here's another pair that I bought from Primark, they're definitely different to the other ones... for sure... I can't get enough of the chunky heels, they're really easy to walk in and I think they're a bit quirky and interesting. These are a suede effect finish and I love the strappy detail at the toe of the shoe, there's something quite delicate about it, and I think it looks really flattering. These were only £14 which I think is amazing, they look way more expensive!

What do you think of these?
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring #9 Primark Pointed Toe Double Strap Flats

I featured these in a recent post (here) about summer shoes for people that don't like feet (toe-a-phobes as I like to say). I had bought the tan version from Primark, and then decided that I needed the black pair in my life as well.. They're the perfect basic black flat, but a little more interesting with the double ankle strap and the pointed toe. At only £10 I had to get both colours! They're wardrobe staples, right?!

What do you think of these?
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring #8 New Look Faux Leather Chunky Heels

available here

Another Shoes on a Shoestring post! There are just too many great budget shoes around at the moment..
I picked these up on newlook.com and I luuuuurve them!! I'm having a chunky heel moment, I feel (lookout for some more coming up soon). I love the simplicity of these, the matte back faux leather, the chunky heel which makes them super easy to walk in, the small platform which makes them less steep but not too OTT, the little criss-cross toe straps, the ankle strappy... And not forgetting that these were only £27.99! Not a bad price for a cute little pair of chunky heels! I just think these are so simple and chic, really effortless, whilst there's something about them that gives a subtle nod to the 90s trend. Perfect.

What do you think of these?
Eleanor x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring #7 Holographic Flatforms

I won't oversize the foot photo... it's just for a nail varnish demonstration!

Another Shoes on a Shoestring post, I love doing these because I love buying shoes! So I've been craving a pair of holographic shoes because I've been feeling super 90's recently, I have seen various pairs of chunky sandals in a holographic variety on ebay at pretty reasonable prices, but I wasn't sure what to go for so I held off ordering any. Then Primark came to my rescue with these ABSOLUTE BEAUTS at only £12!!! Who can believe it? The fact that they're flatforms adds to their holographic 90's allure, and they've got one of my favourite shoe details thrown in there as well (the ankle strappy). Too perf.
I'm also totally loving amping up the 90's a bit further, combining these with a black glittery pedi (DIY ofc) I've used Barry M polish in gold mine glitter here, but something like Topshop's gypsy night would work perfectly too.
Definitely a love hate kinda shoe.. I think we all know which side of that I fall on!

What do you think of these? Have you found any great bargains recently?
Eleanor x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring #6 Primark Laser Cut Low Wedge

I recently bought these low wedges from Primark because I LOVED the laser cut strap on them in this sort of cubey, geo flower design. They're a nice none offensive neutral colour (also available in coral, but not black.. Primark, get me some black ones!!) and the height of the wedge makes them perfect for daytime wear, if like me you could use the extra height! These were in the wide fit section which did make me wonder whether they'd fit, but they fit me fine (I don't have particularly narrow or wide feet) and the soles are actually really nicely cushioned! Who can say no to detail like that at only £12?

What do you think of these?
Eleanor x

Friday, 18 July 2014

Shoes on a Shoestring #5 Sandals for Toe-a-phobes

Hello! It's been a while! My third year of uni has come to an end, my dissertation is handed in, and my exams are over! This year has been a complete whirlwind, hence my absence! But here I am again! I've missed blogging a lot!
I've been doing some shopping... and I've found myself buying a lot more shoes than I used to! And I've noticed a slight trend in some of my purchases.. I may have gone a bit sandals mad!

So this blog post is actually inspired by my sister, who is a massive toe-a-phobe. She hates feet and she'd never ever wear shoes that exposed her toes. Peep toes are OUT. I myself am not particularly phased by the odd toe, but in the summer my sister is faced with a real problem. Feet and heat. Shoes can't be too closed up because it's uncomfortable when the weather gets warmer, but open toe sandals are just not an option. This inspired me to go on the hunt for some solutions, and I think I may have found them! (Even if you're not a toe-a-phobe they're pretty nice shoes..)

So the chunky platform sandals are suuuper cool, these have got to be my favourites out of all my picks. I got mine in black and white, but they are also available in various holographic colours (I have my eye on the silver ones... is three pairs of the same shoe okay? Too far?) from ebay. These are actually a really sturdy shoe, considering they come in at just under £20, they're really comfortable, and give a shorty like me a great little boost in height with the chunky sole/platform. I think these look amazing on and they compliment so many different outfits, skirts, shorts, jeans etc! They're nice and airy for the summer months so feet aren't going to overheat, but they're not so open to make your feet cold on cooler days.. A great pair of shoes for spring, summer, and even warmer autumn days, they're so versatile!

Next up I'm bundling all of the flat ankle strap sandals in together. They're all really cute, I love that they're woven to allow for some extra air to the feet and it adds interest to them as well! Again, so versatile, they all look great with shorts, trousers, mini/midi/maxi skirts, everything! And they just look so summery! I love the femininity of the ever so popular ankle strap as well! These sandals are such a great price, and they look great too!

Finally, there's the double ankle strap shoe. This is more of a shoe than a sandal, but the sides are more open than you find on a typical ballet flat, which I feel makes them more comfortable to wear in the summer, as they're not so closed around your feet. I love the pointed toe on these paired with the double ankle strap, they're just so feminine and I think would compliment a pair of mom/boyfriend jeans perfectly.

So those are my sandal buys of the summer! I'm letting myself off for being excessive with how many i bought because 1) I'm doing a blog post about them, and 2) they were so damn cheap!! I may well have a few more shoes on a shoestring posts lined up over the next week.. I'll try and infiltrate them with a few other different things as well to avoid monotony! But who can get bored of bargain shoes really?

Which are your favourites?
Eleanor x

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sample Sachets: Making the Most of Them!

Hello! A little semi DIY post today, and you can do it for completely free! I recently received a sample of the Egyptian Magic cream in a Birchbox (post here) and I wanted to start using it this eveninging (after being in work all weekend and forgetting to take my gloves to an extremely cold day in uni my hands were begging me for it), at which point I remembered why I mostly stuff any sample sachets I get in a drawer and forget about them.. So I always tend to look at the volume of these and think "what? 3ml? that's nothing! That won't even give one use!" but in fact, they always last quite a long time! But I don't feel like it's that hygienic to keep it in an open sachet and keep using it for like a week, and sachets also aren't always the easiest to get the product out of.. So I came up with a solution!

You will need:
Sample sachet(s)
Clean, empty mini pot

So first of all you need to make sure your sample pot is nice and clean, I clean mine out with a few drops of the Dr Bronner liquid soap and some warm water, and a little tooth brush to really get in all the joins of the tub and make sure there's no old, leftover product in there.

Now you want to put your sample sachets inside the tub, the way to get the most out of the sachet is to squeeze all the product away from the area that you're going to open the sachet. Then I just rip mine open, but you can use a pair of scissors to snip them open, and then squeeze all the product out into the pot...

I know this is such a simple idea, but I thought I'd share it because I'm finding it a great way to make the most of the annoying sachet style samples! I think this is great as well if you have a couple of the same sachets, you can put them all in the same pot and you'd be surprised by how much product there is! And this doesn't just work for skincare, but you could decant foundation samples or other makeup samples into pots like this!

Hope you liked this! I love picking up samples to try things out, and this helps me use up the awkward sachets they sometimes give you!
Eleanor x

P.S. You can buy little pots like this from muji for less than £1, or I sometimes manage to pick them up for free with samples of products in origins and the bodyshop or mac (if you ask nicely they'll put some product that you want to try in a pot like this for you to take away, just use up the product they give you and clean the pot out like I mentioned above and you can keep reusing it)! You could also buy a pill box or something to that effect if you have lots of different small sample sachets, so you can decant them and keep them separated from each other, but keep them all in the same place at the same time! If you were going to do this, I'd recommend buying some small circular labels or something as well, so that you can keep track of what it is in the pots, and you can just keep sticking them over each other when you put new things in there!