Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Barry M Matte Collection

Hello! So I saw Barry M posting on twitter about their new polish collections that were coming out and I saw the pictures of them and I knew I had to have this whole collection! (I do like some of the colours in their other new collection, Royal Glitter, but it was the matte effect polishes that really appealed to me) So I went to Superdrug in between classes at uni the day the collection came out, and bought every shade haha!!
Anyway, I think all of the colours are perfect for Autumn, with caramelly and deep red tones, just up my street! So here's what I think:

Some of the shades look a little bit blah in the bottle, but I think they all look so great on the nails, and I think it's the matte finish that does it. It just makes them all so daytime appropriate and non-offensive because they're not really in your face, the matte finish just mutes them nicely, and it makes them a great way to look polished but not too over the top.

This is after one coat:

I actually think these look acceptable with one coat because the opacity is pretty good which means they're not overly streaky! So if you were in a rush, you could probably get away with just wearing one coat! But if you've got a bit more time I'd recommend perfecting them with another coat:

I just love the way these look on the nails! Definitely a nice change for autumn! And I honestly probably couldn't pick out a favourite colour from the collection because I really like all the shades! I think Barry M have definitely got the shade range bang on!

I'd say that these will be at their best on your nails for 2-3 days, but after that they do start to go a little downhill, they chip and start to look a little thick and gummy on your nails (does anyone know what I mean by that?) And they start to loose their total matte-ness a bit. But to be honest I am not bothered by this at all, I quite like to change up my polishes (when I have the time to put another one on after I've taken one off!) and I don't like to have the same one on for too long. Also, at just under £4 each, who's complaining? You can buy the whole collection for less than a chanel polish, and I hear those babies chip even faster, so where do you think your money's best off? Am I right? ;) haha okay, what was that? Oh, one last thing! Top coats are a bit awkward with these, because most of them give a shine, which obviously defeats the point of these, I know that e.l.f did a matte topcoat, and I think O.P.I do as well, but I don't know whether they work or not. So if you could find a good matte one, you might actually be able to prolong the wear of these on your nails!

So, in conclusion, I love these, and I think the colours in the collection teamed with the matte finish is just perfect for autumn! Another great release from Barry M, and I would definitely recommend picking up a shade or two!

Do you like matte look nails? Which is your favourite shade from the collection?
Eleanor x


  1. They all look really good! My favourite is the red one. Very nice post. Happy to have stumbled across your little internet space. :)

    x leah symonne x


  2. love these colours and they look great on <3


  3. Ooh crush and mocha are gorgeous!! I love matte nails, I recently bought the matte top coat from OPI which I love but it does tend to show the brush lines more and I totes get what you mean about it looking gummy. Really want to try the Barry M ones though! your nails don't look streaky at all.



  4. Ah wow they are all such gorgeous shades -I love that red colour xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  6. I love matte nail polishes!

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  7. I love matte shades! That red is stunning!!

  8. Such nice colours, the matte looks excellent.