Thursday, 19 December 2013

Gift Guide: Over £10

Gift Guide: Over £10

I've tried to keep this gift guide relatively sensible, as I tend to see a lot of the over £10 gift guides with absolutely ridiculously pricey things in them, the sort of amounts of money you wouldn't even spend on yourself (who's giving that £65 Laura Mercier to someone else?!) So lets get our heads out of the clouds and look at some sensible options! Above £10, lovely luxury products, but they're not going to cost you the earth...

1- Benefit bare luv it up set £17

2 - Bodyshop festive hand cream trio - £12

3 - Lush Christmas bathtime favourites £34.95

4 - Origins mask marvels gift set £25

5 - Real Techniques Sam's picks brush set £30

So! We have something from all price points, just over £10 and reaching the more expensive £35 mark.. For people that love makeup, I'd suggest the Benefit gift sets, all of them are lovely, but I think this one's really nice and includes 1 lipgloss, 3 neural powder eyeshadow shades, and 1 of their creasless cream shadows too! Beautiful! And it comes in a gorgeous tin making it really luxe! A more expensive option for the makeup lover would be this real techniques brush set, it includes a great mix of some of the brushes from each of the individual collections, and would make a great starter set for someone, or just as a lovely additions to someone's collection. An amazing skincare gift to give would be this set of 3 origins face masks, luxury products at a slightly smaller size and gives someone the opportunity to sample some lovely skincare. Lush do great gift sets from all prices, and this is one of their more extensive ones including most of their Christmas edition bath bombs. This is a really luxurious gift to give anyone and I think most people would absolutely love it, a true treat! Finally this little trio of bodyshop handcreams in their festive scents is so cute, and a really lovely gift (their hand creams are great) if you've just got a little bit over £10 to spend!

Will you be giving or asking for anything in this gift guide?
Eleanor x

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  1. I want... no I need the origins set and the real tech gift set!