Thursday, 19 December 2013

Gift Guide: Under £10

Gift Guide: Under £10

1 - Monin flavoured coffee syrup gift set £6

2 - Nude shimmery makeup bag H&M £5.99

3 - This works sleep balm beauty ball £8.40

4 - Topshop mini lip bullet duo £10

5 - Bodyshop starlight oil burner £10

6 - Lush I want candy gift set £7.95

I really don't think it's important to spend a great deal of money on presents for people, but what I do think is important is that the gift you give is thoughtful and something that they would love! I remember last year when one of my best friends bought me a book, I hadn't asked for it and it didn't cost a lot of money, but it was one of the best presents I got because it was about something I'm really interested in and I loved reading it, and they'd really thought about that! That being said, lets get on with it...

There are a couple of makeup or beauty options here, a lovely makeup bag is always a good present, get the sort of style or colour etc that the person you're buying for would like, I personally love this one from H&M and they're not expensive! Topshop are also doing some really nice makeup gift sets this year which are great ideas for presents, this is one of their cheaper ones and you get the makeup bag and 2 cute mini lip bullets! Great for someone that likes wearing lipstick or experimenting with their makeup. Of course there's a lush set here, they do lots of these smaller, cheaper sets with different products, I love the scent of the products in this one, but you can buy yours based on the scents you know the person you're buying for likes. You could even make your own up and buy a couple of individual items you know they'll like from the store, I do that every year for people that I know enjoy that sort of thing! The this works sleep balm beauty ball is actually reduced at the moment on and is a lovely gift for someone you know that tends to be stressed or have trouble sleeping. And finally the bodyshop oil burner is so pretty! I think it's gorgeous! People can buy scented oils that they like for quite cheap to burn in it, it's a lovely little ornament, and it doesn't give off as much bad soot as burning scented candles does! And can I take a moment to say that this is a far more realistic gift to give than one of these ridiculously expensive candles I keep seeing in gift guides! I nearly had a heart attack when I found how much they were! You definitely don't need to be splashing that sort of cash one something someone's going to BURN! Let's consider that for a second. They're going to burn your money. Don't let them burn too much of it, and give them a pretty ornament in the process... S'all I'm saying....

Will you be giving or asking for anything from this gift guide?
Eleanor x


  1. happy new year

  2. Great gift guide, wish I saw this before Christmas haha!


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  4. great ideas :) my friends bday is coming up so i might get her a bunch of products like this heheheh
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